Mt. Takao – the sacred mountain in Japan

This sacred mountain has been the center of worship for over a thousand years. It is located in the metropolitan area of Tokyo just outside central Tokyo. Mt. Takao may not be as popular as Mt. Fuji, but it is the perfect getaway for Tokyoites, especially foreign visitors and residents.

Mt. Takao
Mt. Takao

When I lived just outside Tokyo as a child my family and I would always go to Mt. Takao on holidays and weekends. It is truly peaceful there. You’ll find a temple, hiking trails, dense forests, and a cable car to take you halfway up the mountain. When you are at the peak you can see Mt. Fuji, Tokyo, and even Yokohama on clear days. During the fall it is a popular autumn leaves viewing site.

The cheapest and fastest way to get to Takaosan (Mount Takao) is by another railway system, the Keio Railways. They off direct semi-limited express trains that take about 50 minutes and costs 370 yen. The underground Keio Shinjuku station leaves every 20 minutes. Takaosanguchi Station, the train’s terminal station, is located at the foot of the mountain.

Fuji from Mt. Takao
Fuji from Mt. Takao

Another alternative is the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Takao Station, which costs 540 yen and takes about 50 minutes. From there you will transfer to the Keio Line, then ride one more stop to the Takaosanguchi Station. The cost is 120 yen and takes only two 2 minutes.

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