If you believe that you have seen enough of Barcelona city and its districts, then it is time for you to check out the Eixample. If you ask the locals, they will tell you that this name means `extension’ in the Catalan language. This locality is considered as one of the prime examples of modern urban planning.

Eixample Barcelona (foto Alhzeiia)
Eixample Barcelona (foto Alhzeiia)

The attention paid to planning of this district of the city becomes apparent when one checks out the entire locality. All the things required for a society, like schools, hospitals, markets, and much more can be found over here. And all of them are located in a convenient manner. Ildefons Cerda conjured up the plan for this district.

He had glanced into the future and wanted this district to act as an independent city. The quality of planning is apparent from the way the buildings were located, leaving sufficient space for sunshine and ventilation. The width of the streets, broadened at the intersections, go to show the level of planning that took place.

This is arguable one of the best planned sections of Barcelona city. Most of the markets that you view today are located exactly where they were planned and built. Modernista architects also left their influence in large parts of this locality with a prime example being Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi.

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