La Ribera

Visiting Barcelona and not visiting the La Ribera district would be sheer blasphemy. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of this city lie in this neighborhood. This neighborhood is also famous amongst tourists from all over the world for being home to Barcelona’s number one tourist attraction… the Picasso Museum.

Barcelona, Museu Picasso
Barcelona, Museu Picasso

La Ribera is also perhaps the best place to spend your time for eating and shopping. This locality is chock full of restaurants, fashionable shops, and bars.

Those who are interested to get a glimpse of the old city should not miss out on visiting this neighborhood. Wander a bit around the locality and you will find other delights like the Santa Maria del Mar, which is arguably one of the finest example of Catalan Gothic architecture. Quite a large part of this locality was built during the fourteenth century.

Travel further on and you will come across Passeig del Born which is one of the trendiest location of the city. If you are in the mood, then check out the nineteenth century market along with its quaint, yet appealing, cafes. The Geology Museum and the Barcelona Zoo are all within close proximity of this locality.

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