Portal de l’Àngel

Now that you are over and done with visiting the famous landmarks of Barcelona, it is time for you to do some shopping. After all, what else could be a better way than to round off a visit to a city by visiting its shopping arcades and purchasing souvenirs for those back at home? Like most other major cities of the world, Barcelona too has its favorite shopping place and it is the Portal de l’Àngel.

Portal de l'Àngel
Portal de l'Àngel

This area is out of bounds for vehicles and only pedestrians are allowed over here. Search around and you will find both big and small shops including one from the famous El Corte Ingles group.

You need to have sufficient time on your hands while you visit this place because it stretches for a distance of five kilometers. Though this area lies within the Barri Gotic zone, the area itself is not in the same style as visitors will find out.

If you are visiting the El Corte Ingles, spare a moment and visit the building opposite that for a pleasant surprise. You will be greeted with a giant thermometer in its façade. Be prepared for a rush of tourists while visiting this place, regardless of the time of the year you visit it… such is its popularity.

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