Sant Pau del Camp church

What is your opinion paying a visit to the oldest church in Barcelona? The Sant Pau del Camp church is a structure that should be also visited by those who have a fascination for architecture, because it provides visitors with one of the rare examples of Romanesque architecture in Catalonia.

Sant Pau del Camp church
Sant Pau del Camp church

Get a local to translate this Spanish name for you and you will find out that it literally reflects that fact that during a period of time this church was surrounded by green fields that lay outside the walls of the city. Given the fact that this structure belongs to the ninth century, it is amazing to view that the structure is still remarkably intact.

Those who are well versed with the history of this structure will tell you that the Benedictines rebuilt the structure in the tenth century after the Muslims destroyed the original in a raid in 985 AD. Pay a visit to the western portal of the building and check out the Latin inscriptions of Christ, Saint Paul, and Saint Peter on the tympanum.

Check around the portal and you will find carvings of faces, birds, and fishes. Do not miss viewing the twelfth century cloister that features a central fountain, Moorish arches, and animals too. The tomb of Guiffre Borrell can be found in the fourteenth century chapter house.

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